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DIY AC Upkeep Ideas for Hamilton Owners – Entmt Media

Maintaining your air-con system in high form is essential for consolation throughout Hamilton’s sizzling summer time months. Whereas skilled upkeep is necessary, there are a number of DIY steps owners can take to make sure their AC models function effectively. On this weblog, we’ll share sensible ideas for sustaining your AC system and maintaining it operating easily.

Change the Air Filters Repeatedly

One of many easiest but best upkeep duties you’ll be able to carry out is altering the air filters. Soiled or clogged filters limit airflow, making your AC work more durable and decreasing its effectivity. Right here’s how one can do it:

  • Flip Off the AC: All the time flip off the unit earlier than altering the filter to make sure security.
  • Find the Filter: The filter is normally positioned within the return air duct or the air handler.
  • Verify the Dimension and Sort: Guarantee you may have the proper measurement and sort of filter to your unit. Seek advice from your proprietor’s handbook if wanted.
  • Substitute the Filter: Take away the previous filter and change it with a brand new one, ensuring it’s correctly seated.
  • Frequency: Substitute or clear the filter each 1-3 months, relying on utilization and indoor air high quality.

Clear the Coils

Each the evaporator and condenser coils play a essential position within the cooling course of. Over time, they’ll accumulate grime and particles, decreasing effectivity. Right here’s how one can clear them:

Evaporator Coils:

  • Flip Off the AC: Make sure the unit is turned off.
  • Entry the Coils: Take away the entry panel to achieve the coils.
  • Use a Comfortable Brush: Gently brush off any grime or particles.
  • Coil Cleaner: Apply a no-rinse coil cleaner, following the producer’s directions.
  • Flip Off the Unit: Swap off the AC and energy to the outside unit.
  • Clear Particles: Take away any leaves, grass, or particles across the unit.
  • Clear the Coils: Use a backyard hose to softly rinse off grime from the coils. Keep away from utilizing a stress washer as it may harm the fins.

Verify and Clear the Condensate Drain

The condensate drain line removes moisture from the AC unit. A clogged drain could cause water harm and cut back effectivity. Right here’s how one can preserve it:

  • Find the Drain Line: Discover the drain line, sometimes a PVC pipe close to the indoor unit.
  • Examine for Clogs: Verify for any seen clogs or standing water.
  • Clear the Clog: Use a moist/dry vacuum to take away any blockages. You may also flush the road with a mix of vinegar and water to stop algae development.

Examine and Keep the Thermostat

A correctly functioning thermostat ensures your AC unit runs effectively. Listed here are some ideas:

  • Verify Settings: Make certain the thermostat is ready to the proper temperature and mode.
  • Substitute Batteries: In case your thermostat is battery-operated, change the batteries yearly.
  • Clear the Thermostat: Mud and grime can have an effect on its efficiency. Use a mushy material to wash the outside.

Keep the Out of doors Unit

The outside unit wants common consideration to make sure it operates effectively:

  • Clear Particles: Take away leaves, grass, and different particles from across the unit.
  • Trim Vegetation: Guarantee there may be a minimum of 2 ft of clearance across the unit for correct airflow.
  • Examine the Fins: Verify the fins for harm and gently straighten them utilizing a fin comb if vital.


By performing these easy DIY upkeep duties, Hamilton owners can hold their AC models operating effectively and lengthen their lifespan. Common upkeep not solely improves efficiency but in addition helps stop expensive repairs. Bear in mind, whereas the following tips are helpful, skilled upkeep continues to be necessary for complete care. Schedule annual check-ups with a certified technician to make sure your AC system stays in high situation.

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