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If You Hate Getting Compliments, This is Why

One of many go-to explanations for why a person struggles to simply accept compliments includes shallowness, which is a time period that describes an individual’s self-worth and worth. This encompasses the extent of confidence you’ve gotten in your talents, identification, and competence. Due to this fact, individuals with low shallowness battle with self-doubt, confidence, and concern of failure. In consequence, these people might not discover it straightforward to simply accept compliments from others as a consequence of their incapacity to course of not solely destructive suggestions but additionally constructive suggestions, per a 2018 research revealed within the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. For these people, even a real and honest praise from a pal or cherished one might not land as meant. These with low shallowness discover it difficult to digest constructive suggestions, because it would not align with their inner perception system and destructive self-perception.


Conversely, some individuals with excessive shallowness may also battle to obtain compliments. Though having excessive shallowness results in many psychological well being advantages, it is attainable to show extreme ranges of shallowness — in any other case generally known as narcissism — which may have an effect on the way in which you understand reward. For example, one of these particular person might even see compliments as a type of “coddling,” inflicting constructive suggestions to really feel condescending quite than uplifting (by way of Psychology In the present day). This particular person would bristle within the face of compliments, even when they agree. As such, there is a precarious stability between wholesome and unproductive or poor ranges of shallowness, which may have an effect on the way you reply to compliments.


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